Start looking after your cards

Keep your cards safe in all situations with time-tested, industry-leading protection from Vault X. Give your cards the protection they deserve.


Card Sleeves & Holders

Vault X card sleeves are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your cards. Put every card inside a sleeve to help protect against dust, dirt and debris that can cause nasty dents and scratches.

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Card Binders

Vault X card binders are the best way to organise, store and trade your cards. Put your freshly sleeved cards into our side loading pockets to keep them safe and secure whilst still showing them off in a beautiful way.

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Deck Boxes

Vault X deck boxes are the perfect choice to transport, store and play your decks. Put your sleeved deck inside and you can be confident that is where it will stay until you’re ready to play.

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