What is a drop?

A drop is an exclusive, limited edition or collaboration product, designed in-house here at Vault X. These products are normally only available in limited quantities or for a limited period of time. Don't miss out, sign up to be notified about new drops.

What is a limited edition drop?

Sometimes we only have a limited number of products available for a drop. Going forwards with these drops, we want everybody to have an equal chance to buy one. We will have a lottery system in place, open to all for a set period of time so that everybody has an opportunity to enter. We think this is the fairest way to deal with limited edition products.

Often we will stamp our first manufacturing run of a binder with "FIRST EDITION" inside. These binders are normally made in very limited runs, mostly so we can see if there is demand for a design before we start manufacturing more of them. Subsequent manufacturing runs will NEVER have the "FIRST EDITION" stamp inside. These first edition drops are generally run via a lottery to make sure everybody has a fair chance of buying one.

Are limited edition products numbered?

Limited edition binders are never individually numbered. Limited edition products are often tied to set releases and therefore extremely time-sensitive. This makes things tricky, because we want to get the products to you as soon as possible to get your new cards in them! Individually numbering these products would add huge delays to the manufacturing process and massively increase the costs too. We made the decision to get these time-sensitive products here sooner rather than later, whilst keeping them as affordable as possible.

What is a time limited drop?

Our time limited drops give you a specific window of time in which to purchase. You will always be able to purchase a time limited drop as the quantity available is simply determined by the number of orders we receive. Think of it like a "build on demand" service.

Sometimes these drops can take longer to ship as the more orders we have, the more we have to make!

Where can I get more information?

All Vault X products are built to last and come with a one year guarantee. Our drops are no different. If you need any help at all, please contact us.